Using Next Level Pheromones

Ok, next level pheromones. OK So right now and so I guess your question is, now that I know that what do I do to increase his natural pheromones?

Right right , you gave the four audios to help right? Well yes, those will definitely help. And, one of the things you can do though is you can become more aware of what those mental obstacles are true with greater pheromones. And then really ask yourself , look at it really , ask yourself, “Do I have actual physical evidence for this ?” Learn more about pheromones at and

This is some thing that’s actually occurring with natural pheromone production.

You know , like the guy previous , well I have this thing about maybe I need more trust … We’re going through it. Has anything ever happened with the most powerful pheromones in the world ? Has anybody said anything ? Has anybody has any evidence to it? And start looking for the evidence of greater pheromones .

You know , you want things to be based on patterns and evidence . T hen you can always start off , it’s with a good idea to find out what else is out there . T hat’s how yo u found out about me , you know I have to solve this problem. Here’s this community. Perhaps they know something about it. Nothing wrong with that but if you want to say. What’s actually happening or it’s actually happening and it’s not a matter of positive thinking right for the most part for to a lot of people, positive thinking is true with pheromones, It’s not ….. it’s not like doing what is there. They’re like , “ oh I’m going to trick myself into this .” You are not going to trick yourself into anything. What you got to do is figure out what you want and starts plenty of action, on that thing to create it.

The Reality of how pheromones affect humans

Right , you did the right response thing in that case. During that twenty minutes I still think you’re probably confusing a lot of pheromone signals. I don’t think they’re clear really where you’re going for or sometimes it can be to blame . But you know that’s the other thing like when you’re talking about when you will go home you will masturbate. It’s on the subject of sex pheromones but it’s not having the effect that we want to have. Jayesh: Like on the topic of seeing the reality of how pheromones work in humans. Like what’s happening actually in the field. What kind of exercise do you suggest to do? Here is the problem like, I didn’ t even knew like I am having kind of effect on the girls till am like an actual living man who has a really great mastery to it. It showed like, listen like look girls are getting nervous around you, that wasn’t even like in my reality before before it showed me the true power of pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at