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It could function as erotic odor of our spouse that can this for us. We have been developmentally geared up for this by our odor-mediated neonatal expertise. The endorphin, opiate-like effects produced through the object of our own motivation that holds us to them. Pheromones are strengthening the human beings animal. Each pheromone provides a unique sent. Are you really affected by these subtle chemical compounds? It’s only if your bodys secretions mix with bacteria around the pores and skin, that there are any obvious indicator. We’ve been repulsed by odors (like dumpsters). You cant detect them knowingly, but theyre powerful enough to help judgements about appeal. Throw In The Towel Being Awesome with pheromones. Love ladies and their thanks will pull you right out of one’s stuck state. It we call pheromone being rejected is real. A hesitation. Greater you approach, a lot more you can get rejected. I immediately positioned myself back from her. Youre no longer working for this anymore, you’re not a pheromone user. Learn more at and

Attraction is not an choice. She will feel this stressed difficult. It offers a superior her permission to check out you. Figure out how to be indifferent Nature operates on a larger scale. Customers have been born before sex began remember our intercourse education which has a nostalgic smile. This added one more source of pleasure to her efficiency. Practice discovering your main feelings with natural pheromone manufacturing. It will take their coital have got to find and impregnate females. Suppose the person you’re accusing and just what you’re passing the buck to see your face for. However, the tale is actually far more challenging than this. The third thing, is the fact that I sense that you simply think that you’re perhaps benefiting from her in some sense. If its having your period for the same time, how many days do you should overlap? level of sensory knowledge of self and emotion is due to pheromones. You dont need to bother about being direct with pheromones. As humans, we resemble apes most tightly, along with modern day techniques we are able to now establish dissimilarities among us. Pheromones make an impression with brave behaviour. If her range of a mate is not already made by his pheromones that will likely be created by her mind. Man’s love is of man’s life one thing apart. Learn more at

Pheromones are the secret to increasing natural attraction

Pheromones are the secret to increasing natural attraction. When you deal with others you should always be tactful in the way you administer the Mr. Hyde personality. This disposition transcends relationships and dating. For example, whenever I go to Las Vegas, I’m generally in a very positive state of mind. In many cases, when I go to the hotel casino where I’ II be staying there is an undercover sales person greeting visitors as they walk in. Now many of these sales people are very nice, and they’re very courteous about his pheromone production. They will usually ask you if you’re staying at the hotel, then they will ask you if you would like to get free tickets to see a show or concert while you’re there in Vegas. Now when I see these people my whole demeanor switches up. No matter how courteous they are, I put on the stone face, and I usually try to ignore them. Now on the outside looking in, it would appear that I am being extremely rude. The reality is, these sales people are really trying hustle you. Learn more at and

They usually offer free tickets in exchange for you sitting through a two-hour high pressure sales pitch on buying a time-share,or something of that nature pheromones. The transition can be subtle. If your lady is used to you having a playful demeanor, start acting very serious for a few days and vice versa. If your lady is used to you having a playful demeanor, start dressing in suits and dress clothes for a week. The point is, when you switch your game up periodically, you create an air of mystery about yourself. Also, when you switch your demeanor back and forth, you make people cautious about disrespecting you or testing you. In many cases, women get bored and complacent in relationships and they try to test you in order to get some type of unpredictable reaction from you. But creating the Jekyll and Hyde persona will make it harder for people to manipulate or provoke you because they won’t have a definitive angle on your pheromone scent. The term dick is usually applied in a derogatory context to an authoritative figure with an unrelenting, dispassionate demeanor. You will often hear people say things like, “I wanted to get some days off from work, but my boss was being a dick.” Or they will say, “I got pulled over by a cop, and he was being a dick.” Keep in mind, there’s a difference between being a dick and being an asshole. The term asshole is usually applied to a person of equal or subordinate stature to yourself for more pheromones. Now, sometimes women will take things past the transfer of frustration and try to say things that are outright disrespectful. When that happens, you have to handle the situation in a totally different way for pheromone users. More on that in the next chapter. Rule Five applies to the element of INTELLIGENCE because it teaches you how to correctly analyze your female’s behavior. Learn more at

Pheromones counterargument

Pheromones counterargument: While it is advisable to be more talkative, women are not just attracted to social, loudmouthed people. Your reservedness may be seen as intriguing by girls and you may seem like a good listener for example. Argument: Yeah but that’s very rare you’ll find a girl like that, most girl want you to be the leader in the pheromone production. Counterargument: Good point, and yes that is certainly an attractive trait as well. Learn more at and However, the shyness need not be a part of your pheromone identity, like all other traits it can be improved over time with practice in social interaction. New belief: While I accept that I may be a bit shy at times, and I am concerned that this may affect my options, there is simply no reason to believe that the shyness will be the deciding factor of whether a girl likes me or not. While I should take steps to improve my shyness gradually, for now I should accept that it is not holding me back and I have a good foundation from which to work with. Pheromone Belief: It is strange to talk to girls you don’t know. I don’t want people to think I’m strange: Two parts (Break it down threeminutetherapy style) Pheromone Activity: I see a cute girl that I could approach, but I don’t or I might seem weird. Pheromone behaviour: I MUST not appear different or else I’m a pariah Emotional Response: Anxiety, apprehension. There is no law of the universe that says I MUST always fit in with others and use unscented pheromone perfumes. While others may think badly of me, that’s unfortunate, but it’s not the end of the universe. I can stand their disapproval, I’ve not fitted in in the past, and although it was unpleasant, I could stand the discomfort from androstenone pheromones. It’s not the approach itself that seems weird, but rather my own behaviour about the approach that makes it seem so. The fact that I DEMAND that the approach go well that causes my anxiety and apprehension. While I may NEVER get better at approaching, I can change how I view it to make myself visibly less anxious. The more I push myself to approach, the more comfortable I’ll be doing it. I might never be fully comfortable about it and make some people uncomfortable, but big deal, I’ll survive without natural pheromones. She’s probably used to getting the guys and this is aggravating her. I tell the brunette that your friend seems a little upset, go hang with her a bit while I go chill with my buds (the one’s I just met). Well after a little I return and she’s dancing with another guy (I’ll later find out that he’s a friend that they came with), well I decide to dance with some girls that I had seen earlier and I do my thing. I might never be fully comfortable about it and make some people uncomfortable, but big deal, I’ll survive. The logical extension of my fear is that the whole world will hate me just for being friendly with those I don’t know, which seems laughably ridiculous! Learn more at

Getting More Pheromone Usage

Most of the time I’m too busy to go but I’m working harder on getting more pheromone usage so I can take them up on some offers and go off a couple a times a month. I have an Asian ball and another pajama party scheduled in February that I can not wait for. Those should be a lot of fun. I’m going to a bible conference with my brothers and dad this weekend (even though I’m agnostic). Other than meeting friends at the gym to workout with I’m in the books but I’m starting to accept it and just get to work on what I have to do with real pheromones. Products I’m reviewing: Personal Power II by Anthony Robbins — so far so good. Learn more at and

I think its great to work through what could be holding you back and taking steps to change yourself into the person you want and need to be. Robbins is very motivating and keeps your interest levels high and offers superb pheromones advice. I think this program is going to be life altering human pheromones. kay so I recently failed my first test in pheromone science school. This is my last semester and I already feel beat b/c of a declining social life and constant studying. Its hard to always tell your friends you can’t make an event because you need to study pheromone perfume attraction and if you do go feeling guilty b/c you know you should’ve studied. But when I really look at the situation there is a good reason why I failed. The day before the test it was predicted to snow w/ 82% chance. Where I live if 1 inch of snow falls everything shuts down with real pheromones. So I stupidly didn’t study at all and low and behold it didn’t snow and I failed the test. I’m going to remain positive. I’m using this as more motivation to stay strong in my academic pursuits.

This semester they raised the bar, when it was already set in the heavens! Its sink or swim and I REFUSE to sink. I have developed some bad habits which I’m going to break w/ the help of PP II and just pheromones determination of will. Some things to change. 1. limit my time on internet — constantly checking email, facebook and theplace is draining my time where I could be doing other things that pheromone uses love. 2. Limit my time on self-help pheromones material — A epiphany I made is that I procrastinate by trying to figure out everything. I realized if I’m constantly trying to pick myself apart I can’t focus on what I truly need to do…or even could do for others. The end result is I’m always in my head and my confidence immediately drops. Also my social pheromones sucks right now but what I realized is, it wasn’t that bad when I wasn’t in nursing school. I finally realize its supposed to while in school at this level and should be my #1 priority. I will be pinging through phone calls, texts and FB but only when time allows it. One session of PP II, one session of Sedona, and one chapter of Never Eat Alone Again and possibly one other chapter of a self-help book is all I need for one day. Learn more at

Pheromone Trends

I dont think I´m very good at sex pheromones yet the women always want more and tell me they love it. I also dont go down on them (just dont like it never tried it tho maybe some day i will).. Couple of weeks ago I was laying in bed with this girl and she thought we´d have sex but I played hard to get and wasnt in the mood and she was getting mad, so I pushed it a bit more and rolled to my side to sleep and said “no sex for you today” and she got REALLY mad and even tried to hit me…That was a hb8 at least from looks personality more like hb4 lol… You really need to work on that. Sex pheromones is what makes you connect with them and is the only thing that sets you apart from just being friends. There may be rare cases where you should deny a woman, but other than, you should def go in for the kill, you can tease… Learn more at and

I Just don’t think it’s a good idea to say no. Even if I can’t get it up, which happens every once in awhile. I’ll just tell her I need some help, and typically get a bj, until I’m good and ready. Only if I’m really really tired, will I go to sleep. I’m going to stand up for Tinman here because he does one thing half you pussies don’t. He stands up for himself and is willing to accept when he might be wrong. You know why he’s dating those girls and posting pheromones and not giving a fuck? Maybe he’s bragging. Maybe he has a spine and women find that attractive. I know it’s why they like me, spine… or perhaps it’s because I’m… Just dating my pheromone girls. One of my best friends is in town from phili so I’ve been busy hanging out with him. We’ve been talking about getting an apartment in Manhattan come this summer, which should be very interesting lol. So looks like Ill be applying to NYU and we’ll go from there. After the holidays, he leaves the 27, I’ll prob come back and update this so stay tuned. I went through a lot of your pheromones posts and I can tell that you’ve got a lot of positive attributes going about you. I liked the way you re-framed the situation with your ex and didn’t let that negative thought of ‘love’ get the upper hand of your future. When it comes to your broken friendships – I’ve been in the same sort of scenario. One night I went to a Christmas party with my gf at the time. While we were making out on the sofa a fight broke out down the road, I didn’t get up but she ran out the door with her friends to see all the commotion. The room was empty except for her mum and I sat drinking and talking to her mum (probably unconsciously flirting) suddenly she came over, sat beside and put her hand on my cock and started rubbing it through my pants. She knew I was wearing pheromones. Learn more at

Classic Pheromone Example

The Bubbly Princess Ok, the first feminine pheromone role we’re going to talk about is the bubbly princess. And I’m almost certain that you know at least a few people in your immediate peer group who could be classified as the bubbly princess. Think about it for a moment. You may even have this role very deeply etched into your own history and personality of a true pheromone user. Just think… pink, princess, prettiness, and you’ll get the picture. And if you have trouble thinking of any particular examples in your own life, let me suggest some good bubbly princess examples that we would all know from movies. Learn more at and

Here’s a classic example, Drew Barrymore in the movie “The Wedding Singer”. It is a great classical romanti ccomedy that just leaves us feeling warm and happy inside. In the movie, Drew Barrymore played a young woman who was a freehearted waitress who was very bubbly and cheerful. If you haven’t seen the ‘The Wedding Singer’, I can promise you that you’ll lov e it. Just looking at her smile in the picture above, you could almost see the joy and the fun that she’s having, and that is an essential part of being in the role of the bubbly princess. Think natural feminine energy, think of the enormous love for life … you get the picture. This is the role of human pheromones. The Pheromones Princess Always happy to see people, never really rejecting anyone, no matter how weird they are. Here’s another example… Actress Kate Bosworth plays a local “girl next door” character in the movie “Win a Date W ith Tad Hamilton”. She plays a very down to earth young woman who doesn’t really have a care in the world. No stresses, no burdens, she’s just C loving life! And that’s what’s so precious and attractive about the bubbly princess role. She just loves to hav e fun and to unify people and spread joy and positivity. You could probably think of many other examples of the bubbly princess, because it is one role that is very much encouraged by society for women to be, and there are many movie roles based on the role of the bubbly princess of pheromones. For example, Reese Witherspoon in the movie “Legally Blonde”, Isla Fisher in most of her movies, and in fact, animated movies love the bubbly princess role as the lead female character. Think of Rapunzel in the movie “Tangled”, think of Jessie in the “Toy Story” movie series, think of Tinker Bell, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid. These are all bubbly princess characters. So let’s think about this for a moment. In order for you to true embody a role or an archetype, you MUST be congruent in the message that you want to express to the world. What I mean by that is, people will notice it if you contradict yourself, or come across as “fake”. Many women in the world try to “fake” their way to things, but that never, ever works. Learn more at

Huge Pheromone Industry

Of course, as the devil, she plays with men and their desires like a string of hair around her fingers. You see it’s hard for any man to start a long term relationship with a mistress pheromone. She isn’t the whole “ sex pheromone package”, and she’s not marriage material. So a lot of men would probably filter her out and disqualify her as a suitable long term partner. Learn more at and

But for sure, the mistress packs a bunch of excitement and passion to any man’s life, guaranteed. You see, men want the mistress to himself, and don’t want her to be exposed to any one else… or else he will just get deathly jealous. Facts show that people get murdered because of this kind of jealousy. (And in very gruesome ways too, not a pretty sight) So this is a very powerful role to take up, and you will really have to be responsible using your powers as the mistress. It doesn’t even matter how you ‘look’, if you play this role genuinely, you’ll have a man’s blood boiling. Remember, men are not women pheromone users. So even though you would find ugly men unattractive – doesn’t mean that men d on’t find a physically not so pretty woman sexually desirable. The mistress is capable of producing great desire in men, but also an enormous amount of jealousy. This is her greatest gift, and her greatest risk or downside. So use it carefully. Now, we’ re up to our last role, which is our toughest role of all of them… The Kill Bill… The Kill Bill Funny name, I know. I was inspired by the role Uma Thurman played in the movie “Kill Bill”, and therefore named this role after the movie. Let me tell you, she is a tough chick in the movie. Not only does she have guns ready to fire at you, she’s got a ninja sword sharp enough to chop anyone into sushi. Pheromones Are Tough For Women She is truly … the tough one. And she will snap you like a pencil if she doesn’t like you. Now, this m ay all sound… very anti – feminine to you, and I agree, it’s not exactly the most graceful, lady like thing to do. But there’s a reason why men like it. In this world where there are many men who aren’t very masculine or who are conditioned to be soft to fit into the society, many of them have taken a liking to these strong feminine roles. Perhaps strong is a little understatement in the case of Uma’s role in Kill Bill. Some men in this world love the idea of a strong woman to boss him around and initiate h is life for him (Personally not my cup of tea, but I have no judgment here) That’s where the dominatrix comes into it. Just in case you need a clearer idea of what a dominatrix is…a dominatrix is a female who takes a dominant role in bondage, discipline, domination and submission … according to one online source. Simply put, men pay HIGH prices to hire women to dominate and torture them. It sounds so bizarre yet it’s a huge pheromones industry. Learn more at

Issues With Pheromones

That will just cause issues with sex pheromones. And if you want to know what really “breaks” and crosses the line between a tom boy who is still attractive and a woman who is just plain butch and unattractive , it’s this: if your goal in mind is to compete with another man in anything, then you’re not attractive to him. This kind of competition is what men like to do between each other, not with women. (Because to beat a man at his own game, you have to be ultra masculine pheromones… and you probably don’t wanna do that.) Learn more at and

Also a man would be interested in a Tom Boy because of the fact that she is more daring than the average woman pheromones. You see, when a woman is shy and reserved, she can have a tendency to be boring. And she can be ‘restrictive’. But you’ll never get that with a Tom Boy. She is almost as daring and adventurous as a real boy. And that level of playfulness can be a turn on to a lot of men. On the flip side, you will turn off some men who prefer the “traditional” types of girls. The ones who love baking and cupcakes and floral clothing, the color pink and other cute things. The men that Tom Boys will repel are the ones who will be intimidated and don’t want to feel like they’re not enough in her presence. And that’s really the downside of being a Tom Boy. You may make men around you feel like they’re not enough with sex pheromones. A lot of men who aren’t very centered in their own masculine energy and who are slightly on the weaker side of masculinity get intimidated by women who s eem confident and seem self assured. As you have seen in these high octane movies that the women who are usually the Tom Boys are hard to approach and are usually surrounded by other men. (usually very masculine men.) This makes it definitely more difficu lt for anyone else to come forward and strike up a conversation. No to mention a Tom Boy has a bit of attitude that really requires a real masculine centered man to engage her, or else men will usually turn away and leave. Talking about attitudes, the Party Girl definitely has some attitude… on sex pheromones So – the men who would actually be attracted to the Tom Boy would be any man who actually appreciates a woman’s strength and doesn’t feel intimidated by it. In other words, a man who is masculine enough to still see her vulnerability in stead of feeling threatened by her presence. When a man shares the same particular interest as the woman, then he would feel more connected instantly. It’s like… if she does karate and so does he, then they instantly have a ‘uncommon commonality’ that mo st people don’t have. And this commonality helps to bond the pair whether in an intimate relationship or in just a friendship. Again, the key is you have to stay feminine most of the time, or else men will lose interest very quickly. And one of the ways t o stay feminine is to NOT compete with men directly head to head. Learn more at

Pheromones products

I think I have enough pheromones products from here to last me a lifetime. My pheromones ratio has recently dipped below 1.00. I guess the main cause is from redownloading material I already had b/c my computer crashed. I’m starting to see how someone can outgrow and want to move on. Maybe one day, perhaps soon, I’ll leave this place as well. But instead of making stupid threads and slandering mine and other peoples good name I’ll just download something else until ya’ll have to get rid of me. I can see how my time would best be spent doing things in the real world. Hell I have pheromone perfume and thats more than enough. Learn more at and

Did the 1st lesson of Human pheromones today. I have boards in one month so I want to be at the top of my game when I take it. Plus its a program I’ve always wanted to do. This is my 3rd time doing lesson 1. I’ve never completed lesson 2 but I’m going to this time in a couple of days. I have a electronic timer set for 6 seconds that I use to memorize the exercise which made the lesson go by a lot faster than the first 2 times I did it without real pheromones. I started reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I’ve already experienced several a-ha moments. This is the real deal. Its based on oldschool virtues, not the latest superficial self-help craze. I’m going to take my time with this one and really apply what I learn from it by using real pheromones. I have noticed I am slowly overcoming social anxiety. The thing that has been helping the best is staying present in the moment. As a kid I was a fast worker and would daydream the rest of the time. I still do that when out today but the more I bring my attention back to whats going on in the present and slow my words down while putting energy into what I say (an oxymoron I know but it makes since to me). I have observed sometimes I still have nervous ticks, stutter or get nervous while in public. But I am recovering from these feelings quicker and they are happening a lot less. I’ve also been meditating most days for the past week while I’ve been going through The Science of Enlightenment and its helping me stay centered and focused. Definitely good for inner game pheromone attraction. I’m playing guitar again and it feels great. And I suck! But I’ll still remember most things I knew 2 years ago, but my pheromones still won’t corporate. I’ll get there. My first song to play will be Hells Bells. thanks for the support guys. I haven’t touched pmemory in the past couple of days because I’ve been elsewhere besides the house but I will start it back up on Sunday where I left off. I’ve heard it gets easier once you get past the first couple of lessons. And use the 6 second timer or metronome. Things go by way faster and you’re pushing yourself. Plus I realized I amazingly remember things about the same rate. I think the trick is to start the timer only after you got a good image locked in your head, though this is my 3rd go around. Learn more at

Conclude pheromones work in humans

Pheromones are great for relationships. But her facebook status says she’s been in a relationship for like 2 years with some guy in her high school. WTF?? Her friend (the girl I know) tells me not to keep doing what I was doing wit her last night because she has a boyfriend, but the girl was clearly into me…. I’m just gonna keep doing what I do, if she didn’t tell me she has a boyfriend out of all the crap we talked about, it’s for a reason. What sucks though is I could definitely see this girl being long term material….I’m confused to how a girl with a long term boyfriend could be so into me due to pheromone usage. I don’t know, my friend wants to go out clubbing tonight, but I’ll probably be thinking about this girl too much to do anything…way better than the club rat guidettes that infest Toronto’s clubs, I could talk to this girl about my fucking class lectures and it would be interesting…fuck. I didn’t even have to do any “game” with this girl, everything I said was real and I felt it with real pheromones. Pheromones increase sex attraction in men and women. Learn more at and

Pretty meh one. His beginning one about an out of body experience or whatever… don’t see the point of that. I experience a similar thing some nights before I go to sleep, but all I end up doing is solving a technical/school problem I was thinking about throughout the day, or I have some other stroke of genius and I have to wake up and bask in my realization. I’ll take his advice to mean “sleep on it”, but I see what he’s saying with putting your life and goals into perspective. Will I attempt to have a transcendental experience? Most likely not with cheap pheromones. Second part: This is some pretty good advice on using pheromones, but I do this already. Realistically though, if the girl’s interests are much different than mine, that would be a big minus. Wow, okay, this is golden stuff now. Last Week was kinda lacking pheromone perfume but this week there’s a LOT of it. I’m going to try and practice this a few times before listening to Week 6. I’m actually going to a party tonight, I don’t expect to get laid or anything (logistics issue – I have grandparents over for the holidays, but it could still happen), but seems like a good opportunity to try this stuff out for practice. I tried cold approaching a few girls inside the club as well, no success there with pheromones. Not sure why, that club was weird, my friend was in there too, he’s usually good at cold approaching. no luck today though..could be for a number of reasons, but my best guess is because we got there around 12:30am and everyone seemed to already “be” with someone. To tell the truth, I’m not sure HOW to approach girls in clubs, I just kind of go up to them and try to get them to start dancing with me…the music was way too loud to say ANYTHING; I kind of see now why BradP said it’s one of the hardest types of game, but I’m not terribly experienced at clubs so I don’t want to conclude pheromones work in humans. Learn more at