Other pheromone compounds

So those other pheromone compounds that came in were “feeling like a quitter or a failure”. See I had said “ Okay, this is a goal” , but it wasn’t actually my goal and it’s not in present tense. 
So now, whenever I’m thinking about it, and there’s no action happening, I’m experiencing an emotion other than happiness with real pheromones. And this is floating around in my mind. And if you imagine now, if you had 50 of these other pheromones, kind of hanging out there, and you’re experiencing no movement towards it and possibly even berating yourself for not following through. So what we need to do is: We need to clear out all those unfinished goals, that we no longer desire at the present moment. 
Because those pheromones aren’t our goals any more. Because one of the criteria is that it is a present time desire. So I kind of alluded earlier that you mentally adopted goals from your parents or a sibling or society in general. Learn about pheromones at http://sweeppicker.tumblr.com and http://pommett.webnode.com/news/pheromones-and-pleasure/ .
And those will also weigh on your pheromones. You’re not making progress towards them. And we’re not making progress towards a goal that you’ve said is a goal. And goals are created by declaration. You simply say, “This is something that I value. I’m going to work and do something and as I work towards it and when I get it, I will experience happiness. ” It’s all declaration anyway. So you declared it. But you never took the other step, which was to put it to rest. To declare that it was no longer a goal. So that’s something that we’re going to do with real pheromones according to http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20150915/pheromone-compounds.
So when you examine all of your unfinished goals and ask yourself if they’re present time goals, and if they’re actually your goals, you can unburden yourself from stray – actions that aren’t your present time goals. This will free you from experiencing those other emotions related to “failed goals”. So we got all of this from examining some area (Happiness) and creating an action – definition.
And that gave us all of this actual technology to achieve something with real pheromones. So already we have a few steps and you may want to write this down, and if not, then you can just mark down that it’ s around the 16 – minute mark of this recording. So we have a few steps. So write down every current and past goal that you can think of. Examine each one and veri fy that it is a present time goal that you still desire human pheromone attraction.
If it’s not, then declare that it’s no longer a goal. Remember, you created the goal or adopted it by declaration. And you can do the same thing and declare that it’s no longer your goal and put it t o rest. So if it is a present time goal, that makes you feel desire still, then you would ask “Is this my goal?” . This might take a little introspection to understand human pheromone attraction. You might have to kind of examine, you know, do you really feel compelled to take action?