Planning a Luncheon for the Bridesmaids and Guests

The day before our daughter got married we had a luncheon for the bridesmaids and special guests. Choosing the color scheme was easy because we used her wedding colors which were pink and purple. We decided this was the time to pull out the china and crystal. There were some plastic dinnerware items also which we used. Fortunately the pattern on the old Bavarian china I inherited from my grandma has tiny pink flowers so it was perfect for the luncheon. The guests were bride and three bridesmaids and special out of town guests and sorority sisters for a total of twelve at the luncheon. We kept the menu simple but elegant. The large crystal punch bowl, surrounded by crystal stemware, was full of fruit punch and frequently used by all.

The Main Course

The shrimp salad started the luncheon followed by a huge tray of delicious tea sandwiches with a variety of fillings and cut into pretty shapes. These were capped off with wonderful tuxedo strawberries.

Dessert with Flair

The groom is from the South and we lived there for nine years. The real finale was a special southern tradition of a “charm cake”. The charms are tied with a pink or purple ribbon and placed at the bottom of the cake with the ribbons hanging out of the cake. We put the cake on a tea cart and the girls formed a circle around the tea cart. Each girl got to pull the ribbon of her choice out and keep the charm. This was a big hit with all of the young ladies. There was lots of laughing and conversation while gifts to the bridesmaids were given out by the bride.

Dad was in charge of getting the guys out of the way. While the ladies were having their party the guys decided to have lunch and visit a local Malibu Raceway to drive cars. It was fun to see the variety of driving styles from novice to old pros. In this case the old pros were the young guys while the old guys like Dad had never been to a track like this before. Everyone enjoyed the drive and competition for the fastest times. After our “exercise” we headed back home. Fortunately, we got back home as the party ended in time to eat up all of the leftovers especially the deserts.The Finale

Just have fun with your entertaining and make it fit your style.