Using Next Level Pheromones

Ok, next level pheromones. OK So right now and so I guess your question is, now that I know that what do I do to increase his natural pheromones?

Right right , you gave the four audios to help right? Well yes, those will definitely help. And, one of the things you can do though is you can become more aware of what those mental obstacles are true with greater pheromones. And then really ask yourself , look at it really , ask yourself, “Do I have actual physical evidence for this ?” Learn more about pheromones at and

This is some thing that’s actually occurring with natural pheromone production.

You know , like the guy previous , well I have this thing about maybe I need more trust … We’re going through it. Has anything ever happened with the most powerful pheromones in the world ? Has anybody said anything ? Has anybody has any evidence to it? And start looking for the evidence of greater pheromones .

You know , you want things to be based on patterns and evidence . T hen you can always start off , it’s with a good idea to find out what else is out there . T hat’s how yo u found out about me , you know I have to solve this problem. Here’s this community. Perhaps they know something about it. Nothing wrong with that but if you want to say. What’s actually happening or it’s actually happening and it’s not a matter of positive thinking right for the most part for to a lot of people, positive thinking is true with pheromones, It’s not ….. it’s not like doing what is there. They’re like , “ oh I’m going to trick myself into this .” You are not going to trick yourself into anything. What you got to do is figure out what you want and starts plenty of action, on that thing to create it.

The Reality of how pheromones affect humans

Right , you did the right response thing in that case. During that twenty minutes I still think you’re probably confusing a lot of pheromone signals. I don’t think they’re clear really where you’re going for or sometimes it can be to blame . But you know that’s the other thing like when you’re talking about when you will go home you will masturbate. It’s on the subject of sex pheromones but it’s not having the effect that we want to have. Jayesh: Like on the topic of seeing the reality of how pheromones work in humans. Like what’s happening actually in the field. What kind of exercise do you suggest to do? Here is the problem like, I didn’ t even knew like I am having kind of effect on the girls till am like an actual living man who has a really great mastery to it. It showed like, listen like look girls are getting nervous around you, that wasn’t even like in my reality before before it showed me the true power of pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at

Planning a Luncheon for the Bridesmaids and Guests

The day before our daughter got married we had a luncheon for the bridesmaids and special guests. Choosing the color scheme was easy because we used her wedding colors which were pink and purple. We decided this was the time to pull out the china and crystal. There were some plastic dinnerware items also which we used. Fortunately the pattern on the old Bavarian china I inherited from my grandma has tiny pink flowers so it was perfect for the luncheon. The guests were bride and three bridesmaids and special out of town guests and sorority sisters for a total of twelve at the luncheon. We kept the menu simple but elegant. The large crystal punch bowl, surrounded by crystal stemware, was full of fruit punch and frequently used by all.

The Main Course

The shrimp salad started the luncheon followed by a huge tray of delicious tea sandwiches with a variety of fillings and cut into pretty shapes. These were capped off with wonderful tuxedo strawberries.

Dessert with Flair

The groom is from the South and we lived there for nine years. The real finale was a special southern tradition of a “charm cake”. The charms are tied with a pink or purple ribbon and placed at the bottom of the cake with the ribbons hanging out of the cake. We put the cake on a tea cart and the girls formed a circle around the tea cart. Each girl got to pull the ribbon of her choice out and keep the charm. This was a big hit with all of the young ladies. There was lots of laughing and conversation while gifts to the bridesmaids were given out by the bride.

Dad was in charge of getting the guys out of the way. While the ladies were having their party the guys decided to have lunch and visit a local Malibu Raceway to drive cars. It was fun to see the variety of driving styles from novice to old pros. In this case the old pros were the young guys while the old guys like Dad had never been to a track like this before. Everyone enjoyed the drive and competition for the fastest times. After our “exercise” we headed back home. Fortunately, we got back home as the party ended in time to eat up all of the leftovers especially the deserts.The Finale

Just have fun with your entertaining and make it fit your style.

complete hypnotic induction is finally achieved

The moment your client acknowledges that they are able to shift from one time period to another in the visualization, begin asking questions as to what they are seeing/hearing/smelling/experiencing hypnosis. Specific details are helpful in keeping your client focused on what needs to be done. In addition to observing the environment of the new time period and what is going on in this new environment, encourage the client to observe the physical representation of themselves in this time period. Ask them to share with you what they see. Details like what they are wearing and what they look like are also important in past life regression. As the past life regression progresses, ask the client to begin immersing themselves in the new time period. Again, ask about what they see and experiences and have them relay to you specific details like what time of day it is or what year it is in the new time period. Once the client has immersed himself in the first locus, pace him so that they relocate themselves at a different event or locus within the same time period. Counting forward or backward can help pace and cue the client. Remember, past life regression relies on a lot of imagination and visualization. Learn more at and

Your cues are very important to the client so be sure to place them well throughout the hypnosis script. Do not assume that your client knows what to do!

When the client ceases to follow your instructions (closing and opening depending on the number), proceed with the deepening immediately. You just have to know how to speed up the process of the mind is overloaded and simply shuts down, allowing the inquisitive subconscious half to take over. Repeat until complete hypnotic induction is finally achieved. The sixth and final induction technique that I would like to teach you is again very easy and yet it is very effective in refocusing your clients. Simply ask your client to focus on the tip of your middle finger as you raise your hand a few inches above their head. After a few seconds of focusing on the tip of your finger, state that as you bring down your hand slowly they will continue focusing on the tip of the middle finger.

Very well, I am pleased to say that the personal issues that you wish to tackle are within the range of what is considered “common challenges” and are staple cases within the profession. I am also pleased to say that although you feel that these difficulties are ‘impossible’ to resolve because the causes of these challenges are within you, the reality of it is that the human mind and spirit have more than an adequate level of resources to solve such challenges. You have come here today because you or someone you trust are thinking that past life regression might be able to help you resolve some of these issues. Past life regression is actually a creative process that involves using your creative unconscious to recover memories from your past life. Or in some cases, past lives. Learn more at